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Alison Bechdel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Alison Bechdel - Essay ExampleThe areas of focus are Alison Bechdel, her psychoanalysis ideals, apologuealization, jovial, tale and abstraction. Introduction There remains a common perception among people that fiction has nothing to do about spiritednesss reality. It has nothing to do about the truth, originality which lies with a persons life (Bechdel). The fishy of Alison Bechdel are you my acquire? depicts another story. It tells that fiction do have somewhat connection with a mans life (Bechdel 1-5). The way the fiction gets formed does hold some colors of life of the person describing it in the fictional sense (Bechdel). Alison Bechdel who has come out as one of the popular ludicrous writers in the cartoon comic industry is a woman of fiction bringing certain connections of her inner self and her life experiences in her abstraction. Bechdels writing is a demonstration which tells that fiction is a manifestation of lifes reality. It is the reflection of truth and situatio ns which a person faces in his or her life periods (Bechdel 1-5). This report is going to assess the comic tale of Alison Bechdel, with an aim to find out that how fiction relates to reality (Martin). Themes here to analyze are psychoanalysis, psychodrama, fiction, comic tale and art respectively. Based on the derived dissertation statement fiction is an added color to life and analyzing be you my Mother? the report will draw certain findings, results and conclusion (Kothari). Method Adapted In cotemporary research studies, there are different methods being adapted to conduct the research. In the field of psychology, art and social sciences several authors have adapted the method of thirdhand research (Kothari). Secondary research is a research based on secondary sources ( book of accounts, journals, news articles and periodicals), providing an explorative ground to the researcher to make the research apprehensive. In viewing the contemporary literature in arts and literature, th e researcher has adapted thematic secondary research method to analyze the Alison Bechdels art comic fiction effectively (Bechdel). This method adapted has made the researcher to explore several secondary sources, providing a closer and critical view on Are you my Mother? This method adapted will possibly lead to conclusive findings describing the comic drama in a more comprehensive way (Kothari 95). Results and give-and-take The comic drama Are you my Mother? of Alison Bechdel opens up with the first chapter of the book in which Bechdel emphasizes on her inner eloquence that she had kept secret throughout her lifes journey (Garner 3-5). This was a book which Bechdel kept on emphasizing- an inner expression that had endured Bechdel from inside and throughout her life period (Luban 1-2). In the opening chapter when Bechdel was in conversation with her analyst, she expressed that her mother has been a looming psychic presence in her mind (Bechdel). She wanted to bring her out by writ ing a book which describes the story of her mother and the relationship with her as a growing daughter. Bechdels mother was like an ordinary mother as the comic drama explains tho the relationship she kept with Bechdel was majorly different from her other children (Luban 2-3). The drama explains that when Bechdel was seven years old, her mother stopped kissing her to the good night bed. It was something disappointing for the child and emphatically something which made Bechdel disturbed from inside. As Are you my Mothe

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