Friday, October 4, 2019

Admission Essay To Athabasca University - Master of Arts

Admission To Athabasca University - Master of Arts - Essay Example Another reason I am applying for this integrated program is the kind of teachings the students are offered. The students in the program are taught to reason and think critically, holistically, and reflectively and to give much focus on the points of overlap and articulations between the generalized and specialized knowledge. Furthermore, I believe that exposure of the students to a wide variety of interdisciplinary methods and disciplines will prepare me to envisage and look for innovative solutions to different problems in my area of expertise. Similarly, another propelling reason for my application to this degree course is the belief that the degree will teach me to contextualize and situate practices and knowledge on a wide intellectual continuum which integrates methods, practices and theories of humanities, arts and social sciences. As an educator, this is significant for me in my profession as I will be able to apply what I have learnt in practice. Another primary reason why I chose to apply for the integrated course at Athabasca University is sufficient and adequate cost of education compared to other universities. Furthermore, the assigned texts and reading files are very informative and relevant. From the university newsletter and website, I learnt that the instructors are competent, qualified and responsive to the academic needs of the students. I believe this will be helpful for me during my studies. I have high expectations on what I want to achieve after going through the integrated program in Athabasca University. From the degree program, I want to join one of the top institutions in the country and do a profession that will provide adequate resources for my family. Furthermore, I aim to do exceptional coursework that I will be proud of always. Moreover, I have great hope and belief to innovate an idea or solution that will bring

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