Friday, October 11, 2019

Beowulf Epic Hero

An epic hero is a character in an epic poem that is brave and noble and is admired by his followers for their achievements. Beowulf is an epic hero. He fits every description and is talked about in elevated language. In the story it is Beowulf duty to protect his people and defeat hideous monsters. When he hears about a wicked monster that killed Hoarder's son In a far off land he took It as another opportunity to prove himself. This was the first case of showing Beowulf as a hero because the wind and sea helped him and his men travel safely ND quickly and that didn't happen for Just anyone else.When they arrive and the watchman Is at first suspicious but realizes he Is Beowulf here to kill Greened and Warthogs welcomes him and treats him with high honor as only heroes get treated. In the battles throughout the story he Is put up against beasts that no other man can conquer. However, Beowulf Is able to defeat Greened with his bare hands showcasing his strength, Grenade's mother to sh ow us that Beowulf will get rid of the root of the problem and go the extra mile to defend people.Against the dragon he is t least 80 and is still able to defeat the dragon and this tells us that he can live longer than anyone else at the time. Beowulf is often â€Å"talked up† throughout the story. Elevated language is a technique used to describe all epic heroes. It talks about Beowulf hands being the hardest hands in the world, and Beowulf is even called â€Å"mighty protector of men. † This is a giveaway that he is an epic hero. In conclusion, Beowulf is an epic hero. He is braver, stronger, and smarter, than anyone in the world. Also, he is talked of in an elevated language to make sure he stands out from the rest of his people.

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