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An Assortment of 30 Synonyms for Assortment, Mixture, or Variety

An Assortment of 30 Synonyms for Assortment, Mixture, or Variety An Assortment of 30 Synonyms for â€Å"Assortment,† â€Å"Mixture,† or â€Å"Variety† An Assortment of 30 Synonyms for â€Å"Assortment,† â€Å"Mixture,† or â€Å"Variety† By Mark Nichol This post lists thirty words to employ as alternatives for assortment, mixture, and variety, accompanied by brief definitions. 1–2. An agglomerate or agglomeration is a jumbled collection or mass, and the first variant also serves as a noun and an adjective (and can also refer to a volcanic rock consisting of various combined fragments). Agglomeration can also refer to the action or process of massing. 3. To botch is to bungle, or make a mess of, but the word can also describe the mess itself as a noun. 4. Clutter implies a concentrated assortment that impedes effectiveness or progress. 5. A collage is an artistic composition consisting of assorted elements or materials, but by extension the word can also refer to an assortment of any kind. 6. â€Å"Crazy quilt† implies a random assemblage of parts, from the original notion of a quilt consisting of odds and ends of fabric, though quilts are generally now assembled to create a pattern. 7. A farrago is a confused assortment. 8. A grab bag was originally a prize handed out at a fair or another event and consisting of a small sack with assorted toys and/or treats. Now, the phrase refers to any random collection. 9. Jumble suggests a disordered assortment. 10. Jungle, besides its primary meaning of â€Å"a region of tropical vegetation,† by extension can refer to a confused mass as well as a complex process. 11. Litter, from the Latin word for bed, came by extension from the sense of animal bedding material or organic matter on a forest floor to refer to accumulated objects strewn about. 12. Though medley is primarily understood to mean â€Å"a series of portions of two or more songs compiled as a single composition,† its original meaning is â€Å"mix.† 13. Mà ©lange refers to a usually incompatible assortment. 14. Cognate with manage, menagerie first applied to management of a farm and its livestock, then to a collection of or place for keeping animals for exhibition, and then, by extension, to any assortment. 15. A miscellany or miscellanea is a collection of various compositions or things. 16. A mishmash is an assortment of things literally or figuratively mashed together. 17. â€Å"Mixed bag† in similar to â€Å"grab bag† in current meaning, although the phrase more often refers to something with both positive and negative impacts. 18. Montage usually refers to a visual medley, but it can also be directly synonymous with medley in both artistic and general senses. 19. Motley originally had a sense of â€Å"multicolored† and described the variegated-pattern attire of the stock theatrical character Harlequin or a court jester, but it later came to describe a varied assortment. 20. To muddle is to make confused or unclear, and the noun refers to being mentally confused or to objects being in a state of confusion. 21. An olio is a collection or mixture. 22. A hybrid Latin/English term that literally means â€Å"gather all,† omnium-gatherum suggests a collection. 23–24. Patchwork, and â€Å"patchwork quilt,† denote a disordered collection, from the notion of a quilt made of assorted patches of fabric or something analogous to it in appearance. 25. A ragbag was originally a sack containing scraps of fabric, and by extensive the word came to refer to an assortment. 26. Rummage is primarily employed as a verb meaning â€Å"search,† but as a noun it refers both to a search through an assortment of objects or such a collection itself. 27. Similarly, to scramble is to rush or to make a difficult, energetic effort, but as a noun, the word pertains to a disordered collection that would require such activity when searching for something in it. 28. Shuffle describes the action of rearranging or moving back and forth, and a shuffle is an assortment of things messily rearranged. 29. A tumble is a careless, disordered, or sudden fall, and based on the middle sense, the word may also refer to a collection of things in disarray. 30. A welter is a chaotic assortment. Synonyms for assortment, mixture, and variety derived from names of food dishes are discussed in this post. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:70 "Home" Idioms and ExpressionsDifference between "Pressing" and "Ironing"Comment, Suggestion, and Feedback

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