Sunday, November 3, 2019

Consumer protection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Consumer protection - Essay Example f acts of parliament have been established to ensure the protection of the consumers and ensure that government agencies follow established standards. The English tort and the English contract law were the first established acts that were established to ensure the consumer protection in the country remain stable. A number of departments have also been established including the department of trade, industry, price, and consumer protection. The establishment of European community’s act of 1972 also enhanced the country’s effort to protect the consumers from illegal and exploitative business practices (Jay & Clarke, 2010). Despite the massive development in consumer protection law in the United Kingdom, the effort to protect consumers from poor processed products and exploitative business practices has met a number of challenges. In this paper, the challenges of the efforts adopted in the United Kingdom to protect the consumers will be discussed. The paper will also highlight the methods that are used by the consumer rights bills to overcome consumer protection challenges (Cartwright, 2008). The consumer rights bill was recently introduced to the United Kingdom parliament for deliberation, enhancement and possible adoption after passing through the House of Lords. This bill is believed to have the power to streamline the consumer protection efforts in the country and update retrogressive consumer protection laws. Based on the consumer rights bill, consumers have core rights, which must be respected by other businesses and legal entities in the country. These include the right to be paid and enjoy goods and services which meets the established standards. Consumers also have the right to fault the products and services they buy and to expect a refund or replacement in the event that the producer is at fault. The consumer rights bill is currently before the House of Lords in the country’s legislature and expected to be ratified and adopted by the country.

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