Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Joshua Bearmans story Art of the Steal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Joshua Bearmans story Art of the Steal - Essay Example This paper illustrates that Gerald Blanchard always prepared to make his heist by investigating flaws in the security system akin to an individual’s identification of dry leaves on a tree. Effectively, proper planning and a thorough investigation always ensured Gerald’s stealing activities were an enormous success. It is pertinent to note that, Gerald started his exploits at a young age. In this regard, he had managed to become a local criminal mastermind in his neighborhood while in high school. The story Art of the Steal elucidates the escalation of his sophistication based on his shrewdness in technology formed over time from an early age. Thus, the story gives his exploits from parachuting in, changing jewels secured by a weighted alarm, and many more intriguing stories including well-organized getaways. On the other hand, his flaunty nature was a contrast to a mastermind of some of the most sophisticated crimes committed. Eventually, this behavior eventually led to a mistake that led to his arrest and consequent sentencing whereby he served a jail term. Despite the book being about acts that are criminal in nature, there are many positive lessons that individuals can draw from Gerald’s epic tales and apply them in life. First, good cognitive skills are one of the factors that contributed to Gerald’s success during his exploits regardless of the security mechanisms in the places he targeted. Cognitive skills are crucial in our daily lives to make the decisions. For example, Gerald parachuted onto the roof of the Vienesse Castle on his way to steal the Sisi Star. During the tour of the castle, Gerald realized that â€Å"There was an armed guard stationed at every entrance and patrolling the halls but the roof was unguarded†. In this case, it would take an individual with a good perception, quick learning, and reasoning to formulate the only easy way to get into the castle. Evidently, Gerald had these important skills since he figured out the easy way to get into the building and carry out the heist was through parachuting onto the unguarded roof of the castle.

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