Monday, September 23, 2019

East Coast Insurance Company Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

East Coast Insurance Company - Case Study Example As per the facts presented by the case, the company is facing increased workload of healthcare claims with a dearth of adept and skilled talent. The external environment also does not present opportunity to recruit a professional workforce that could handle the mammoth task. No doubt, the Strategic Planning Committee has come up with a host of solutions that diffuse through financial, human resources, environmental and even competitive domains of the organization. An important and worth discussing factor in the present case is the involvement of a government agency, which can be an appropriate thriving ground for the development of the fungus of ‘non-ethical behavior’. Looking a bit closer to the facets of the presented case, it is pretty much obvious that the major issue of the company is its increased workload due to the shortage of talented employees. As such, it is a people problem and not a place problem primarily. Even though the office space is not satisfactory, yet competent workforce in place can solve much of the problems of the company. The major operations of the company are to process the claims, where the expertise of people is required and not magnanimity of the building. Keeping this in mind, the prime focus of the management should be to increase the skill level of its employees. Relocating to a new building or to a suburb facility is not the solution as it will only give rise to the greater financial burden. If the company relocates, the employees will have to adjust themselves to a new environment, which will further degrade the quality and the speed of work, which is already under investigation. Similarly, investment in new premises will cut short the chances of the company to look for educated and competent employees or to provide for the training of existing ones.

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