Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Disorders of Mobility and Balance in the Hospital Environment Essay

The Disorders of Mobility and Balance in the Hospital Environment - Essay Example Reflective research was the means of learning from experience. Nurses had become busy practitioners considering the complexity of the environment they work in. The difficult and varying interpersonal relationships in the hospital milieu warranted that the nurse was to possess characteristics which helped her survive (Taylor, 2001). Whatever the constraints, the nurse had to deliver. Action research and reflection were two components which involved almost all the work that was done by a nurse. The educative nature of action research contributed to the learning experience. The relationship with patients could grow through psychosocial aspects of behaviour. Problem-focused research was possible with this kind of research. The specific context also was significant for reflection and remembering for future recall (Taylor, 2001). Trying out a specific intervention which was going to benefit patients in the future was possible. Improvement in therapy and involvement to change it could add t o the learning process through reflection. The change process could involve participants and nurses in a research relationship. Action research had contributed to many of the changes in the nurse’s life. The self-directed learning process was conducive to more effectiveness in their practice and the clarification of their roles (Taylor, 2001). Even participants could be empowered through the efforts of the nurse. The diverse aspects of solving problems, planning for changes and frequent evaluation were dealt with in reflective research.

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