Sunday, September 22, 2019

No topic Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

No topic - Assignment Example This was a great idea especially because it ensured that the participants of the initiative had minimal interaction with the locals. To an extent, this idea would be helpful in maintaining the focus of the participants. However, when looked at as a long term effect, this scheme does more harm than good. I am for the idea that at least a couple of locals should be involved in the construction process of the church (Lane 78). It is noteworthy that the essence of building the church is promoting Christianity in the region. As a matter of fact, a church is meant to welcome all, both Christians and non-Christians. Owing to the fact that this church was being built for the locals of MÃ ©xico, it was important to incorporate them in both the planning and the building processes. It is only through this that the locals would feel like their efforts were needed towards the building of the church. Actually, this would make the locals accept and attend the church more as compared to when they are left out in the building process. For this reason, from my expertise, I would suggest that some locals be involved in not just the planning but also the building of the church. Another pertinent issue in this project is the purchase of the deliverables needed to complete the project. It is a really great idea for the planning board to arrange for the purchase of construction materials back in the United States of America before the team sets off to MÃ ©xico. This is important in ensuring that project quality is maintained. In addition, this is also aimed at avoiding the complications that might be involved in cross-cultural business transactions. However, I am of the idea that at least some materials should be purchased locally in MÃ ©xico. It is important to note that would feel much more attached to church and involved in its construction if some components and materials are purchased locally. That notwithstanding, this

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