Thursday, August 1, 2019

Behaviour Change Model-Reflection

I chose this tact as I believed my diet was eating my requirements for both macro and microinstructions and was closely aligned with recommended servings in The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. (1) upon reflection of the first days food record, I saw that my diet was inadequate. I was not meeting the serving suggestions for most of the food groups and I was lacking in calcium and iron. So, the next day I concentrated on hitting the targets for calcium and Iron. It was a full day of classes at University, so I had to make sure I ate a lunch that was rich In Iron and had servings from the required food groups. ) usually when I have a full day at university, Ill have a large breakfast at home and if I do eat between classes, it will be a piece of fruit. I chose a lamb and lentil curry, which is high in iron and also contains calcium. After eating I felt very full and did not enjoy the meal. By dinner time I was still full and not looking forward to dinner, but knew that there were st ill nutrients I needed to consume and food groups I had to have serves from. Before bed that day I felt very uncomfortable as If I had eaten far too much food.But everything I ate was In line with The Australian Gulled to Healthy(l) eating as well as the Nutrient Reference Values set out in Australian guidelines for pregnant women. (2) On Friday I woke early in the morning for work and had a family wedding in the evening. I was unable to eat anything for most of that day as it was so busy. For the first time since starting the diet, I thought about alcohol as it was being served all around me and I was constantly asked by staff and family if I wanted a drink.Having to politely say no to people all night and explaining to family members hat I wasn't actually pregnant, was difficult and frustrating. Influencing factors The reason I decided to not pro-actively ensure that my diet met the requirements for a pregnant female, was because I truly believed by eliminating foods that were a p otential source of listener, mercury, vitamin A, alcohol and caffeine, my diet would closely meet the necessary guidelines. My theory was incorrect and I realize that to meet these requirements I would need to do a lot of planning and pre preparation of meals and find times to eat them.The external factors that influenced my decision making were environmental and physical. I ate what was available at the time and was limited by this. Alternative strategy and when. By not taking a proactive approach to your daily menu, it is left up to what is available in fast food options, which are often large greasy meals that you cannot be sure of preparation and ingredients. Learning To meet the necessary requirements, a pregnant woman needs to eat a large amount of food and plan and pre prepare meals.

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