Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What is a good parent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

What is a good parent - Essay Example â€Å"To claim credit or blame for a childs outcome is presumptuous on the part of parents† (Radcliffe, 2011). In view of good parents, morality is the deciding factor, which measures the new and existing behaviors of the children. A child’s behavior reflects the way he/she has been brought up by his/her parents. If a child’s behavior is within the parameters of morality, it means that the child has good parents who have really played their role in the behavioral upbringing of that child. On the other hand, if a child exhibits negative behaviors, it means hat the parents of that child lack the skills of good parents. The role of good parents is not just limited to the provision of physical care and education to the children. Parents’ role includes many other things than just dressing, feeding, and sending the children to the school and checking whether they are performing well in their schools or not. Good parents are those who put their efforts to shape the behaviors and perceptions of the children properly along with showing concern towards bringing improvement in educational performance of the children. A good parent helps the children learn decision-making and stress management skills. A good parent makes every effort to reduce the sources of stress for the children in order to make them grow in a helpful and stress-free environment. A good parent should not express the emotions of grief and unhappiness in front of the children because it makes the children feel tense. â€Å"Children are particularly vulnerable to becoming the target of the projection of our nonconscious emotions and unresolved issues† (Firestone, 2010). Character building holds great importance in proper upbringing of a child. A good parent is one who concentrates on character building more than anything else. The reason is that if a child will have good character, people will

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