Saturday, August 10, 2019

Organizational Behavior Forces Discussion Term Paper

Organizational Behavior Forces Discussion - Term Paper Example Ikon had incurred a loss of $94 million because of restructuring. The resulting effect on the organization was enhancing the communication system that would enable organizational learning and also clarify accountability of results (Abstracts, 2010). Organizational mission- The aim of Great Lakes Landscaping is to provide total satisfaction through its services. The company tries to attain top results from its performance. This mission serves as the driving force behind its organization behavioral activities. This is demonstrated by the company’s focus on the development of a highly trained staff and maximizing the expertise in their respective fields (Great Lakes Landscaping, 2008). Similarly, the mission of capital One Financial Corp is lending the best possible of financial services to its customers. A wide of variety of service has been designed considering this mission. Fiscal Policies- External factors like fiscal policies greatly affect the way companies operate. This is most relevant for companies like Ikon. Fiscal policies would mean injection of money in the economy where individual incomes would also be high. Thus, people would be in a better position to buy luxury items. Thus fiscal policies influence the decision making in organizations. The price strategies are determined by the decision making. ... The rates of interest in the market, the purchasing power of consumers, etc would influence their strategies. During recession, a number of companies were seen to alter their interest rates to lend more support to the consumers. However, during times of prosperity their competitive strategies remain different. Also, during recession, employees are faced with a lot of insecurity and instability. During these times, the management is required to focus on greater security of employees. Employee relations are given greater priority. Economic factors influence the designing of pricing structures of Great Lakes Landscaping in order to remain competitive in the market. The price structure not only determines the competitive position of the company but helps in retaining and maintaining a constant customer base. The company goes out of its way to demonstrate how investments can be minimized and results can be maximized (Great Lakes Landscaping, 2008). Customer demands- Consumer demands would play a major role for a company like Starkey. This is because the product is very demand specific. It is very crucial that the company makes a thorough analysis of the market conditions, like the demand in the market for such products or the population demographics. An ageing population would necessarily mean that there would be a greater demand for hearing aids in the market. It also holds true for a company like Great Lakes Landscape. It would depend on consumer awareness about the society’s environment. Globalization- globalizations and communication has made the availability of foreign product more easily accessible to consumers in different countries. Goods and services can also now be available at cheap prices. The price of a product produced by Ikon would

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