Saturday, August 31, 2019

Analysis of the Poem “Remember”

Analysis of the poem â€Å"Remember† by Christina Rossetti This poem is composed by fourteen lines that are divided in two quatrains with four lines, and one sestet follow the structure of the Italian sonnets. The structure of the poem is iambic pentameter because it has five feets, the rhyme is abba, abba, cdde, ce. In the first stanza, Rossetti conveys an infinite need to stay alive in the memory of her love even when natural events in the lives of people, such as death and separation may come to end their emotional connection.Describes these moments in a melancholy tone, sad, reflecting the pain of the soul when someone is forgotten by the life`s love. In the second stanza, she appeals to the feelings of her beloved recreating a future situation where her absence is a reality, when everything built, dreamed, planned is nothing more than a vain remembrance of a life together. The lament of her beloved and probably things that were left unsaid cannot be heard by she maintains a tone full of despair and in her words keeps constant beg with the only purpose of staying alive in someone's life.Her constant fear of feel forgotten, to eternity alone is very distressing and this is her tool to have in deep way the heart of her beloved. She keeps hope alive even in the latter part of the poem radically changes her position. In the sestet, the prayers are transformed a compassionate feeling as if her beloved after suffering so much at the prospect of forget came to understand that although the distance imposed they will always be together. Put aside her personal needs and she thinks about what is best decision for her loved.Her changes of mind are very surprising, therefore, that it is she who takes not worth keeping her memories tied to someone who will be alive and should have the joy of being happy in a world where she does not may be. In the sestet the tone has a big change, the description of the life and death no longer plaintive screams and understanding, hope and joy of going alone are the most representative feelings that result in extreme closeness with the sublime moment of death.About the figures, when can found some words that refer us something. For instance, â€Å"gone away† remind us to think about eternity, on a journey without return, in death itself spirituality dressed in the idea of a heavenly life. The term â€Å"silent land† can certainly relate to a cold place, where we cannot find life, is the term used by the writer to configure in other way the melancholy and loneliness of cemeteries.The touch of the hands is a figure representing situations propriety of the life, recalls that they have de fortune of built the kind of life that lovers want in the future. â€Å"Darkness and corruption† are expressions that refer us to think that behind those prayers of the writer, existed a kind of manipulation or dishonesty by the writer who do not want her desire object goes away from her heart.Rossetti's id eas about love are deep revealing the feminine nature in which from immemorial time as consorts of society, we made us the happiness of others before ours ratifying the maternality of which we have been endowed identifies us and makes us so different to the malegender. In my opinion, the use of reason at the end of the poem is a great example of strength and respect for who give to the writer the best things in her life. All understood as an act of love s

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