Monday, August 12, 2019

Learning from our success and our failure Essay

Learning from our success and our failure - Essay Example He thinks that he won because nobody else deserved it, which is often not the case because the most hard working do not necessarily make it to the top. This attitude defines such an individual as a selfish, proud, and morally degraded person. On the contrary, let’s suppose an individual who becomes more thankful to God upon becoming successful in achieving his goal. His success makes him more down-to-earth and modest. Instead of thinking of himself as a superior being, he guides others so that they can also achieve their goals. Success of such an individual defines him as a thankful, caring, and modest person. Now let’s consider the cases of failures. Let’s suppose an individual who fails to achieve his goal. He becomes so dishearted that he gives up and never tries again. Such attitude would define this individual as an impatient person who is also not very hard working. On the contrary, let’s consider an individual who fails to achieve his goal but does not give up until he finally achieves it. This person would be defined as a determined, focused, and hard working person. People’s tendency to learn from their successes and failures varies from one person to another. Some people learn from their successes and failures whereas others never learn any lesson. However, the tendency of an individual to learn from his/her failures is more compared to his/her tendency to learn from his/her successes. This is because of the fact that when an individual fails, he/she tries to identify the factors that caused him/her to fail if he/she is wise. Identification of these factors makes this individual learn a lesson. On the other hand, successes are just celebrated and many people become so overwhelmed with the joy of success that they do not care to learn a lesson from it. However, there are always some wise people who reflect upon their experiences to identify the strategies and

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