Thursday, August 22, 2019

Chariots of Fire Essay Example for Free

Chariots of Fire Essay Answer: In the film Chariots of Fire, Directed by Hugh Hudson, two major film techniques which have been used are slow motion and close up shots. These Production techniques reinforce the character and feelings of Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams as they prepare and run in the 1924 Paris Olympic Games. The Close Up shots give us an insight into Eric’s Character and reactions, specifically when he makes the decision not to run on the Sabbath. Slow motion tells us of the nervousness and loneliness of Harold as he waits for the races to start, and communicates the feeling of tension to the viewers . The film techniques in Chariots of Fire enhance the characters personalities and form a link with the theme and major events in the story line. Close up shots are used in Chariots of Fire to portray the honesty and integrity of Eric Liddell, â€Å"the Flying Scotsman†, and his personality and approach to the Olympic Games. When Eric arrived in Paris he was confronted with the problem of running his 100m heats on the Sabbath. Eric decides that he won’t run on the Sabbath because, â€Å"the Sabbath is Gods and I for one intend to keep it that way†, â€Å"I won’t run and that’s final†. The close up shots showed us Eric’s reactions and emotions which exposed how Eric was a transparent character whose life was governed by faith, honesty and loyalty to God. Hugh Hudson has used slow motion during the Olympic races to portray the honesty and integrity of Harold Abraham and Eric Liddell. The slow motion technique is also used to portray the loneliness and solitary feeling before races. At the start of Harold’s race it shows his determination to win, â€Å"If I can’t win, I won’t run†. Harold was a Jew and was determined to prove that he could run, it was his weapon against the rising of Anti-Semitism before World War Two. The slow motion in Eric’s race shows the viewers the different style of running he has and how each movement counts towards the final victory. Eric said â€Å"God made me fast, and when I run I feel his pleasure†; the slow motion shows how he loves running, but reminds us of his firm faith and trust in God which will never be severed. Slow motion shots showed me the feelings of the runners during their races and deepened the sense of nervousness, but determination to run the race to victory in both of the main characters. The two production techniques close up shots and slow motion, enhance the link between the characters and the theme of faith and endurance, the understanding of character feelings and determination made the film worthwhile because you can sense the tenseness of the character and their yearning for victory as the both had â€Å"something personal to prove†. The production techniques helped me to understand the characters faith and the strength of their faith which governed their lives, never to decrease but continually increase and inspire others to run a straight race morally, have ambition and determination, this theme is especially prominent as we are shown how Eric’s faith in God was his strength when running and pathway to victory. Two major production techniques in Chariots of Fire, used by Hugh Hudson were close up and slow motion, these two techniques enhanced my understanding of the main characters, Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams. The techniques portrayed character feelings, formation and the result of crucial decision making. This film is worthwhile to watch because not only because of the way the director has used techniques to make it easier to understand the lives of the two Olympic heroes and inspire future generations, but to get an insight of how these two runners achieved their goal and their personal reasons for pursuing victory.

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