Monday, August 26, 2019

Ethical Issues in Mental Healthcare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Ethical Issues in Mental Healthcare - Essay Example According to the research "Ethical Issues in Mental Healthcare" findings, psycho-clinical situations are based on trust and clients share their sensitive information with the therapist and great responsibility of not unnecessarily sharing secrets of oneself with others lies on to the shoulders of the psychologist. Again right of privacy is more of an ethical convention than a rule because therapists in the light of their past and current experience came to know that if they do not respect the right to privacy of their clients then they do more harm than good. The Hippocratic Oath gets activated and therefore, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychosocial therapist should not indulge them in behaviors that hurt their society. Therapists face another challenge of telling the truth to their patients whereas, they do not have to hurt them to an extent where they decide to quit the therapy altogether. In modern psychology, therapists are guided to wait for the right moment, to tell the tr uth rather than telling it up front because it will do emotional harm to their clients. They are required to create a mutual understanding that the practice of therapy is being carried to increase patients’ quality of life and once patients realize that a psychologist is his or her last resort before self-harm (Teale, 1955) then he or she becomes susceptible towards the therapeutic intervention and finally, began to treat truth as a fact and before that all of them treat their real condition as a dream and as an illusion.

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