Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Chrysanthemums and A Jury of Her Peers Essay

The Chrysanthemums and A Jury of Her Peers - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that in the world of literature, every author begins the creative process differently. Some start by creating a desired perception in their work by using unique and captivating settings to capture the attention of the audience. Through this choice of style, they can explore and show their audience the world in which they are going to place their characters. All of these approaches to writing are correct and accepted in writing, however; there are issues that must be observed to make any piece of literature to be considered a masterpiece in the field of writing. The setting of a story conveys characters and themes in a novel differently depending on the nature and type of the setting. These can be illustrated using these two novels chrysanthemums and A Jury of Her Peers. Close analysis of the chrysanthemums reveals that the story takes place in the Salinas Valley during the month of December at Henry Allen’s property located on the fo othill. Immediately we meet characters who depict a rural setting just in the preliminaries of the novel. The women are isolated in their own world and the men portray strength and are manlier than ordinary men are. Elisa’s husband rides on a range while Elisa herself is confined to her house and only works in her flower garden. The setting of the novel conditions her character and makes her behave rural like. Looking at the themes the rural setting of the story brings out the issue of oppression of women and freedom.

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